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IFS003: Causa & Shu - Dubhelmet EP

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Image of IFS003: Causa & Shu - Dubhelmet EP
  • Image of IFS003: Causa & Shu - Dubhelmet EP

"In the wake of the hugely successful IFS002 with Sepia earlier this year, Infernal Sounds return with a release from Illusive German heavyweights Shu and Causa, who bring their nuanced, earthy meditation on Dubstep to IFS003. Both sides of IFS003, be it the collaborative opener Dubhelmet, B side Dawn Chorus, or the secondary B-side System One, are filled to the brim with laid back, minimalist vibes and analogue sound design."

Due to high amounts of requests for the already sold out version of this, we have decided to repress another 300 units.

Causa & Shu - Dubhelmet EP
A: Causa & Shu - Dubhelmet
B1: Causa - Dawn Chorus
B2: Shu - System One

Release Date: August 11th 2017

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